Contracting For Covered Services

UCI is committed to bringing in-house all covered services as defined by Article 5 of the University Collective Bargaining Agreement and Regents Policy 5402: Regents Policy Generally Prohibiting Contracting for Services. As such, contracts that include covered services will only be allowed sparingly and will require demonstration that all other options to utilize or create career UC positions have been exhausted.

Exemptions to the policy will be rarely granted. Reduced cost is not an acceptable justification. By requiring wage and benefit parity in any contract for covered services, there will be no cost advantage to using contracted services in lieu of services provided by a UCI employee.

Regents Policy 5402 explains that contracting for covered services is only permitted when:

To request Enterprise Workforce Relations review and approval, please complete and submit the Rationale for Contracting Covered Services form. Should you have any questions, please contact Enterprise Workforce Relations (EWR) directly.