Cell Phone Policy

Acquire a Cell Phone

  • Faculty, staff and students may use electronic communications equipment and services for the purpose of conducting official university business; review UC Policy BFB-G-46
  • Employees using such equipment must complete an Electronic Equipment Agreement Form (PDF) and kept on file in the department
  • Utilize PALCard to pay for the purchase of cell phone equipment and monthly cell phone service
  • Provide the name of the cell phone user when setting up the account billing (PDF) with the selected provider
  • The department name and billing address on the cellular account must match the PALCardholder's billing information
  • Only university addresses may be used in the billing, as the equipment remains university property
  • Documenting calls (date, phone #, person called and purpose) is not required if the employee stays within the minutes assigned
  • For phones shared by multiple employees
    • Documenting outgoing and incoming calls is required
    • No personal calls are allowed
  • Cell phones are university property and must be returned to Equipment Management when no longer used
  • Send a completed Surplus Pickup Request, along with the phone(s) to: Equipment Management at 131 Innovation Dr. #250, Irvine, 92617