Sales and Services Agreements

Sales and Service activities involve the provision of goods or services by UCI to an external client for a fee.  Please see the UCI policy regarding the types of activities that qualify as Sales & Service (see Sec. 701-23: Sales and Services Activities Policy and Sales & Service Cost Analysis for more details). 

Note that approval to offer recharge services to UCI departments does not authorize Sales & Service activities to external clients.

Steps to Complete

1) Obtain approval from Accounting and Fiscal Services to conduct Sales & Service Activity. Complete and submit an Activity Information Worksheet to the Accounting and Fiscal Services office. (See A&FS – Sales & Service Activities for more information.)

If you already have an approved Activity Information Worksheet, skip this step.

2) Complete a draft Sales and Services Agreement (DOCX) and submit with your approved Activity Information Worksheet to The assigned team member for that day will assist you in getting the agreement ready for the client’s review and signature.

The assigned Contracts team member will send you draft agreement for you to send to the client.  If approved, the client can sign and return it to you. If you confirm that the client is willing to receive the agreement via DocuSign, please share the name and e-mail address of the client’s signer with the Contracts team member assisting you with routing via DocuSign.

If the client signs on their own, send the client signed version back to the Contracts team member who will route for UCI signatures via DocuSign. Please do not initiate signature routings without Procurement’s approval. 

If the client asks to make changes to the agreement, please ask the Contracts team member for assistance. Please remind clients that UCI is not a business. The extra services UCI may be able to offer to external parties is not for profit, so clients should be prepared to accept the goods/services on the terms that UCI offers. Significant changes may result in rejection of the sale.