Purchasing Methods


  1. Available in KFS, UCIBuy offers the ability to requisition commonly purchased goods against various UC or Local Agreements through use of catalog offerings
  2. Shopping occurs in UCIBuy, while requisition completion and workflow approvals occur in KFS. PO transmission for requisitions generated in UCIBuy is automated.
  3. UCIBuy 'Rapid Requisitions' conveniently auto-populate the vendor tab, item part number, description, price, unit of measure and commodity code fields
  4. Unrestricted purchases less than $5,000 (including sales tax and/or shipping) result in the creation of an Automatic Purchase Order (APO), which streamlines workflow as it is sent to the supplier after Fiscal Officer approval
  5. Purchases greater than or equal to $5,000 or containing any restricted item(s) will route to a Central Procurement Buyer for approval and are sent to the supplier as a High Value Purchase Order (HVPO). Additional conditional workflow may be required depending on the item(s).

This process is available to all active employee with a UCInetID.


  1. Total order $5,000 or less - including tax and shipping.
  2. Use the Purchasing Methods Guide to identify commodities which may be purchased using the PALCard. This list is a rudimentary guideline to clarify purchasing policy. Email questions to PALCard@uci.edu.
  3. Vendor accepts VISA.
  4. Departmental Buyer must have a PALCard.
  5. Purchases requiring a signature, (contract or agreement), are not permitted.

Entire purchasing process takes place at the issuing organization/department level.

KFS Requisition

  1. Requisitions route to either a Departmental or Central Procurement Contract Manager based on dollar amount and restricted goods or services
    • Click the following link for information on becoming a Contract Manager (i.e. Department Buyer).
  2. If goods cannot be purchased via UCIBuy or a PALCard, create a KFS Requisition.
    • Always attach quotes and/or supporting documentation to the KFS Requisition.
  3. Use for services or purchases requisitioning a signature (i.e. a contract or agreement).
    • Do not sign vendor agreements or contracts, as Central Purchasing must review and process on your behalf.
    • Consult the Purchasing Methods Guide for allowable services via PALCard.
  4. For repetitive purchases of goods or services from one vendor, and item is not available in UCIBuy, refer to Recurring Purchase Order criteria below.
  5. Departmental and Central Procurement Contract Managers that are assigned to the Purchase Order are the only individuals allowed to issue purchase orders to suppliers
  6. Access Requisitions in KFS.

Requisitions initiate at organizational/departmental requisitioner level and route to Procurement Services for approval and completion.

Recurring PO

  1. Commonly purchased goods should be purchased through UCIBuy.
  2. High dollar transactions with multiple payment requirements may qualify for a Recurring Purchase Order.
  3. A Recurring Purchase Order may be established for repetitive purchases of goods/services from one vendor within a specified time period, only when item is not available in UCBuy or a PALCard is not accepted.
  4. May NOT be created for suppliers billing the university through an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) process.
  5. Services that result in one invoice/one payment are not classified as a Recurring Purchase Order and shall be processed as a regular purchase order.
  6. Examples of services that represent candidates for Recurring Payment Purchase Orders are listed below:
    • Elevator maintenance
    • Extermination services
    • Preventive maintenance agreements
    • Security services
    • Transportation services

Purchasing process takes place at UCI Procurement Services.

Determine the recommended method when purchasing equipment, supplies, and services.

Purchasing Methods Guide

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